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The well-being of an individual is the well-being of an entire society because healthy individuals give birth to healthy surroundings.

Human physiology shares a deep connection with human psychology because be it your organ malfunctioning or mental stress, everything eventually affects your brain.  Our every gesture whether it is stress or pain has to pass through this hub (brain) to generate a reaction and eventually devise a defense mechanism to enable humans to recover from it.

As commonly said: ‘’we have to have our peace of mind to have our peace of life’’.  Mental health becomes a point of concern usually where we fail to strike a perfect or close to perfect work-life balance. Most of us fail to understand that our work has a deep impact on our mental health and ultimately our personalities. Work-life imbalance does not only mean that you have a bad boss who makes u sit late, makes u work on weekends, gives you unrealistic targets and deadlines and never appreciates you. Imbalance at times comes within us where we fail to prioritize what is important for us and to what extent. Imbalance arises where we let our personal commitments take a back seat and try to steer in satisfaction and happiness to our lives by making more money and by sacrificing our social roles.

Everybody of us strives for the best and the most; we strive hard because of the ever-increasing competition in our surroundings, to stand out among all, and to remain a step ahead of ALL. In the midst of this marathon, what we constantly miss out is our well-being which no more exists for us. We fail to realize and where we even realize, we fail to acknowledge the fact that every one of us needs quality time for him/herself to refresh their minds and soul. We need to accept that we find happiness in something that we like (our passion or interests), when we sit down with our loved ones, when we hang out with our best buddies and when we pray or meditate. We need to accept it that when our heart and mind would be in peace, we will automatically excel in our professional lives with due contentment coming in and spreading the missing harmony in our lives. Take an off today from work or make a call to a loved one today, take out time to pray, go out on an adventure with your family, spare yourself some ME time, I assure you in it lies the key to your happiness and peace and in it lies the secret to striking a perfect balance in work and life.

Work-life balance ensures our mental health which in turn ensures our well being.