A school nutrition program designed to decrease long term risk factors of chronic illness. The program seeks to encourage specific health behaviors amongst children including a greater consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, replacement of processed grains with whole grains, decrease in consumption of fatty foods, and decreased consumption of sugary foods.

Use Research Based Curriculum

All curriculum lessons and materials are developed based on evidence based research from scholarly literature and experts on the subject.

Teach Children Healthy Habits

Each lesson will cover a new topic on healthy lifestyle teaching how to make healthy food choices. Lessons will encourage students to increase fruit & vegetable intake, choose healthy fats, whole grains, reduce added sugar, processed & packaged foods.

Build A Healthy School Environment

Instructors will be trained on delivery of lesson plans in a captivating manner. Each lesson plan includes fun, interactive activities and discussion components to engage students in learning process. Program seeks to inspire students to pick up on healthy behaviors and create a healthy lifestyle

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