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Taking home a new baby is one of the; happiest time in the woman life but it also present the physical and mental challenges!

At ABC Moms, we connect you to relevant experts and provide support with expert advice through your mobile phones without compromising your recovery and bonding time.

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In Pakistan, Postpartum care trends have always been low. Promoting the benefits of Postpartum care will definitely bear fruits and will help in saving many newborn lives and will protect many mothers from postpartum complications.

Approximately 80 per cent of women experience the baby blues around three days after birth. Baby blues can be caused by hormone changes; tiredness; pain from stitches; a wound or full breasts or even feeling flat after all the excitement of the birth. Women may feel anxious about small things and become very weepy.

Our Mission is “to provide convenient, accessible and expert postpartum care and support that every woman deserves”.

Our Vision is to improve Maternal and Child Health and achieve the Sustainable Development Goal #3 (SDGs).

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